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Judicial review of costs order in Equality Tribunal was out of time

By: Mark Tottenham BL

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Supreme Court dismisses appeal from High Court, and affirms refusal in 2011 to grant leave to seek judicial review of a decision of the Equality Tribunal in 2008 to award legal costs against a person who had sought to represent a number of members of the travelling community, on the grounds that the application to seek judicial review was made long after the time limit, and after judgment had been granted in the Circuit Court.

O'Malley J (nem diss): Judicial review - refusal of leave - complaints against local authority under Equal Status Acts 2000 - 2004 - sum of €7,400 awarded against applicant in expenses - orders made in 2008 - application for leave made in 2011 - time limits - applications made on behalf of members of travelling community - procedure adopted by equality officer - 'callover procedure' - dismissal of complaints if persons not represented - appeal - judicial review.

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