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Paramedic selection process must use previously stated academic criteria

By: Evan Kearney BL

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High Corut grants an order compelling the respondent to use previously stated criteria in the selection process for paramedic training in the Defence Forces, on grounds that the applicant had a legitimate expectation that they would do so.

Legitimate expectation – selection of members of defence forces for paramedic training – midway through process selection, criteria expanded – interviews reconducted – new set of scoring criteria in interviews used – new minimum academic criteria accepted – expansion of pool of candidates – judicial review of decision to reconduct interviews – new set of scoring criteria did not give rise to legitimate expectation as no representations of such had been made and no expectation held – acceptance of new minimum academic criteria did give rise to legitimate expectation – ‘changing the goalposts’ – irrelevant that applicant did not materially suffer as he had sufficient academic credentials anyway – order granted.

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