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No grounds to appeal decision not to consider application for permission to reside

By: James Cross BL

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High Court refuses leave to appeal decision refusing judicial review of the Minister for Justice not to consider the application for permission to reside, on the grounds that the attempt to retrospectively reconfigure points to maximise chances for leave to appeal is implausible as the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court had already decided the proposed questions and they were not argued.

Asylum and immigration – judicial review – application for leave to appeal – applicant retrospectively reconfigured his points to maximise his chances of such leave to appeal but ultimately that attempt is implausible - nothing in this application - proposed questions - already been decided upon by both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court - fact that the applicant has come up with an inventive but implausible argument does not convert the case into one of exceptional or indeed any public importance or render that existing appellate court jurisprudence irrelevant – question not argued – leave to appeal refused –

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