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Ursula Kilkelly of UCC, on The Fifth Court podcast

By: Decisis

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In the new episode of The Fifth Court, Ursula Kilkelly speaks about her work as head of the UCC School of Business and Law, as well as children's rights and the Oberstown Detention Centre.

The following cases are also discussed:

Costello v. Government of Ireland [2022] IESC 44 (Supreme Court, Dunne J, 11 November 2022)

Director of Public Prosecutions v. J.D. [2022] IESC 39 (Supreme Court, MacMenamin J, 24 October 2022)

In re the Estate of John Coughlan (Deceased) [2022] IEHC 604 (High Court (General), Butler J, 3 November 2022)

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