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Twelve years of – 12,754 law reports

By: Mark Tottenham

or click here to request site subscription to search and view all judgments started in January 2011, as 'Stare Decisis Hibernia'. At that time, the superior courts of Ireland were producing judgments at a rate of about 650 per year, and there was no index to assist Irish lawyers or law students to find the authorities of most use to them.

At Stare Decisis Hibernia, we started to summarise each new judgment into a short and readable report, so that readers could know whether the judgment was likely to be of use to them in their practice.

Since that time, the rate of judgment delivery has nearly doubled - to 1,237 in 2022 - and the length of judgments has tended to increase also.

There are now 12,754 law reports on Decisis, all diligently written by Irish barristers. The reports are easily searchable by subject matter, court or judge. The database is used on a daily basis by barristers, solicitors, judges, government departments, NGOs and professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

I would like to thank all of the writers, past and present, who have helped build up this unique database, and all of the subscribers, individual and institutional, who have supported it to date. With your continued support, I hope it will still be thriving in 2035, another twelve years from now.

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