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The Fifth Court podcast – interview with Mr Justice Gerard Hogan

By: Decisis

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A new podcast, The Fifth Court, has been launched, to cover Irish legal issues. Presented by Peter Leonard BL and Mark Tottenham BL (editor of Decisis), the guest for the first episode is Mr Justice Gerard Hogan of the Supreme Court of Ireland.

October 2022 sees the centenary of Dáil Eireann's resolution to adopt the Constitution of the Irish Free State. In this episode, Mr Justice Hogan explains the background to the adoption of the Constitution, its influences from as far afield as Weimar Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. While the Constitution included the power of the people to amend by means of referendum, he explains why this was never invoked, and how Eamon De Valera abolished the position of Governor General in 1936 by simple legislation.

To listen, please follow this link.

One thought on “The Fifth Court podcast – interview with Mr Justice Gerard Hogan

  1. Justice Gerard Hogan is such a great writer. That book, Kelly the Irish Constitution, in which he is a main contributor, is such a great read, so deep and accurately written.

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