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Declan Keane, obstetrician, speaks to The Fifth Court podcast about ‘expert shopping’

By: Decisis

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In the new episode of The Fifth Court, Declan Keane, obstetrician and former Master of the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, speaks to Peter Leonard and Mark Tottenham about his experience of litigation, both as a defendant and as a witness.

He discusses the experience of medical practitioners who have undergone cross-examination, and his concerns about 'expert witness shopping' - where parties obtain more than one report from a medical expert in the hope of establishing a good case.

He recommends the book Do No Harm by Henry Marsh to the listeners of the podcast.

Also discussed are the following cases:

A.K.S. v. Minister for Justice [2023] IEHC 1

Gordon v. The Irish Racehorse Trainers Association [2022] IECA 303

In re 'Sarah'; GD v. JF [2022] IEHC 729

The podcast is available here, and on all good podcasting apps.

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