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Discovery ordered in action concerning sale of property in Munich

By: Mark Tottenham BL

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High Court orders discovery of various categories of document in a specific performance action concerning the sale of property in Munich, Germany, and the division of proceeds thereof.

Investment in building in Munich - sale of property in 2017 - redemption of loan - balance of proceeds - dispute concerning distribution of proceeds of sale - 2011 agreement among investors - 'assignment and transfer agreement' made in 2017 - agreement that defendant would pay €1.4m to plaintiff - agreement that defendant would assign balance of debt to plaintiff - agreement that defendant would transfer shareholding to managing directors of plaintiff - discovery motions - pleadings - whether 2017 agreement was valid or enforceable - change of ownership and control of defendant company - whether 2017 agreement superseded 2011 agreement - correspondence between parties - books and records of plaintiff company - documents concerning sale of property - rental income received.

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