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Damages awarded for breach of material reception conditions

By: James Cross BL

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High Court, having found that the Minister for Justice had breached EU law in failing to provide the applicants with material reception conditions, awards the applicants a total of €1,500 jointly by way of damages.

Judicial review - European Law - Francovich damages – assessment of damages – principles for assessing Francovich damages – damages must be commensurate with the loss or damage sustained so as to ensure the effective protection of the rights of the injured parties - no affidavit evidence was tendered detailing the actual losses - principle of equivalence - such losses as could and would typically be the subject of damages under Irish law - court will award a total of €1,500 jointly to the applicants by way of damages – costs of legal proceedings – Court determines that the fairest way to treatcosts is to make no order as to costs in respect of the application/hearing that led to the Principal Judgment, but to award to the applicants the costs of the quantum hearing –

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