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Mark Tottenham BL  is the editor of Stare Decisis Hibernia. He founded the site in January 2011. He is a barrister, in practice in Dublin and on the south-eastern circuit. He has a general practice, including criminal law, property law and medical negligence. (Link)

He is a regular contributor to Laffoy’s Irish Conveyancing Precedents, and has written on legal matters for The Irish Times, The Conveyancing and Property Law Journal, the Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland and the Irish Law Times. He is a regular contributor to "The Brief", a legal affairs radio programme, broadcasting every Thursday on Near 90.3 FM and available on podcast.

Ciaran Joyce BL writes for Stare Decisis Hibernia on recent criminal judgments. He is a barrister based in Dublin with a general practice, but a special interest in criminal law.

James Cross BL is a barrister in general practice in Dublin. He writes for Stare Decisis Hibernia primarily on asylum and immigration cases.

Ian Fitzharris BL is a barrister specialising in Commercial, Employment and Criminal Law in Dublin. He writes for Stare Decisis Hibernia primarily on company law cases. (Link.)

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Vincent Walshe is the publisher of StareDecisisHibernia.  He also has an Internet Marketing practice in which he helps small companies to use the internet as an effective sales channel for their business. (Link)

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