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Approval for development of processional boulevard and apartments is upheld

By: Evan Kearney BL

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High Court refuses an application to quash the approval of a development which would entail the construction of a boulevard and apartment blocks near Croke Park, on the grounds that: (a) the matter was properly considered by the respondent local authority; (b) the respondent did not abrogate its duty with regard to traffic management by deferring to the Gardai; and (c) the respondent conducted itself appropriately with regard to not conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Applicant sought to quash the approval given by the respondent to a planning development – development consisted of a new avenue and two apartment buildings in the immediate vicinity of Croke Park – applicants claim this to be a radical alteration of the character of their neighbourhood, Sackville Gardens – all matters properly considered in CEO’s report – deferring to Gardai in relation to traffic and event management is not a derogation of duty – respondent conducted itself appropriately with regard to decision not to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment – overlap in terms of reliefs sought but all refused – court will hear further submissions as to special costs rules regarding planning applications

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